QuoteOne morning I woke up with such awful back pain, I couldn’t stand up straight. A friend referred me to Dr. Doholis, who saw me that day and was able to reduce my pain right away. We put together a plan and I get regular treatments to keep my spine healthy.”

~ John J., Phoenix, AZ

Chiropractic Benefits

Our gentle techniques of Chiropractic care enable us to treat all ages of patients, from the infant, with neck disorder from the birth process, to the very senior patient with brittle bones from osteoporosis.

Gentle Chiropractic CareAlthough we use many different technologies of treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation at the Doholis Chiropractic , the most common is Activator Methods® Techniques.

Activator Methods® Technique

This is a gentle, chiropractic technique involving a tried and tested protocol of analysis, and leg lengths evaluation to determine dysfunctions in the pelvis and spine. Although quite complicated in its methodology, the actual adjusting technique on the spine does not involve the twisting and turning of the neck or low back or the popping and cracking of bones. Instead it utilizes a spring loaded hand held instrument to adjust the spine that is quite safe and gentle as it moves the vertebrae. Many patients are quite pleased and relieved knowing how safe and effective Activator Methods® technique really is.

Other light force techniques such as Torque Released Technique, and Network Spinal Analysis are also utilized at this office so that manual adjustments do not have to be accomplished to get positive results in an individual’s case.

Some people, however, prefer manual adjustments of the spine and that, of course is available as an option, if requested and/or if necessary to effect positive results.

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