Chiropractic Benefits

QuoteMy mother had a lot of pain and had to use a cane to walk. I took her to Dr. Doholis and he explained that chiropractic treatment could reduce pain by putting her spine and nervous system into alignment. After seeing Dr. Doholis for just a few months, she’s walking without a cane and with less pain!”

~ Janet P., Scottsdale, AZ

What I see most in my practice are the everyday ailments and symptoms that people go to a chiropractor for—pain of the head, neck and spine. This includes, but isn’t limited to: headaches, neck pain; arm and hand pain, tingling and numbness; upper back pain and pain around the chest / ribs associated with difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath; low back / pelvic pain which results in abdominal / intestinal symptoms; leg and foot pain, tingling or numbness.

Elderly Chiropractic Care

I treat infants, pregnancies, seniors, and teens and adults.

I see patients of all ages in my office, from infants in their first year to the very elderly. In order to enjoy good health, it is important for the nervous system and spine to function at their optimum level.

Each age range has unique issues and must be treated accordingly. Infants’ spines are malleable and easily misaligned when they slip and fall, while aged patients’ spines and bones can be sensitive and brittle, so they can easily break.

Extremes in age require specific tender care which can be accomplished by several light force techniques such as Activator Methods, Torque Release Technique and Network Spinal Analysis to name just a few. Each of these methods can adjust the spine without the conventional manual manipulation or popping and cracking noises that might make some people feel uncomfortable.


Beginning chiropractic care early and having children see a licensed chiropractor consistently is like starting a savings account early in life and contributing to the account regularly. It helps ensure the child will be healthier throughout his or her life. A healthy and aligned spinal column ensures that the entire nervous system is functioning at its highest possible level.


These active years can result in muscles and joint pain as a result of athletic activity. Regular adjustments can help teens reduce pain from injuries related to exercise and growth spurts. Proper alignment can ensure proper blood flow to the joints and muscles that can support healthy functioning and possibly speed recovery following exercise and injuries.

Young Adults

Joining the workforce can mean long hours on the job. Whether that means performing physical work or sitting at a desk, it can make an impact on the spinal column, joints and muscles throughout the body. Regular chiropractic treatments help ensure the entire system is healthy while reducing the tension in sedentary or over-used muscles.

Middle-aged Adults

Years of working, an inactive life-style, or regular aging can lead to new pains and stiffness in the body—most frequently in the lower back, neck and upper back, or frequent headaches. A professional chiropractor can establish a treatment plan to help avoid the misalignments that create such pain.

Older Adults

The first signs of arthritis can bring a new level of daily discomfort. The Chiropractor can help reduce the pain by putting strained muscles and joints back in balance. My chiropractic office takes special care with arthritic patients.

Elderly Adults

At this stage of life Chiropractic takes special care in keeping older adults active and healthy. Consistent adjustments can help maintain optimum range of motion in spinal and peripheral joints. This contributes to overall health, improving the function of all the systems in the body.

“The nervous system controls all the organs, tissues, and glands in the body.” -Gray’s Anatomy

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