QuoteOver the past 10 years I have been involved in 4 car accidents. The third accident was two weeks
after my second accident and fortunately, since Dr Doholis specializes in the treatment of auto accident he was able to treat me for both and handle the paperwork so my attorney could settle with both insurance companies. I still go to Dr Doholis for supportive care monthly to keep in good shape.”

Thanks Dr Doholis for the great care!”

~ Pat R., Tempe, AZ

Have you been injured in a car accident?  Dr. Doholis specializes in the management and treatment of all types of accident cases and works to get you back on your feet again, most often with no out of pocket expense to you.

Taking Care of Auto Accident Victims Since 1977


Dr. Doholis has been treating auto accident victims for over 35 years. He holds credentials as an Independent Disability Evaluator (IDE) and Qualified Medical Examiners (QME). When he ran an industrial chiropractic clinic in downtown San Diego in 1990, he was one of the first QMEs in the State of California.

As a Senior Diplomat of the American Board of Disability Analysts, Dr. Doholis is able to perform disability evaluations to determine your level of improvement in an injury case and substantiate, if your condition warrants further care or if you should be discharged from treatment. At that point if there is any ‘permanent disability,’ he is able to appropriately rate it. Dr.

Doholis has been a Senior Diplomat of the American Board of Disability Analysts since 2002.

His practice is not limited to treating auto accident and work related injuries—but he is qualified to handle your injury condition properly, from whiplash to any other back, or peripheral joint related injuries.

If you are an accident victim we will do all we can to ensure you don’t pay out of pocket costs. If you have an attorney we will either bill your MED-PAY insurance; or if the case is liened we give the information to your lawyer and he or she will bill the at-fault driver’s insurance company directly.

Just bring the accident report or the at-fault party’s insurance information with you on the first visit and your legal counsel as well. If you don’t have an attorney we can refer you to one of several qualified attorneys who only deal in personal injury cases.  Talk with us first before you get an attorney if you don’t already have one.

When you come to us, you will receive treatment right away. We can wait until after your case has been settled to get paid, allowing you time to recover before thinking about any expenses.

Don’t have health insurance? No worries! You can still come in for treatment. The last thing you need to worry about when you are suffering is piles of paperwork.  Don’t wait for word from insurance companies before you seek medical attention.  Call our office for the help you need, today!

Auto accident cases are very specific in the types of injuries sustained and because of the possibility of concussion, and deeper spine and soft tissue damage in severe cases, the treating physician must be very careful to take an extensive history of the injury with specific regard to the mechanism of the injury, both of which will have a great bearing on the intensity of treatment and the type of specific treatment required each case.

From the initial evaluation, initiation of treatment, home therapy necessities, and up to the final exam and the possibility of Impairment issues, a physician who has specialized in this type of treatment is absolutely necessary.

That is what we can offer you that at Doholis Chiropractic Center along with the fact that I have been an expert witness and done evaluations for both plaintiff and defendant in these types of cases.

What makes Doholis Chiropractic different?

There are several hundred documented accidents per day in the Phoenix area alone. Dr. Doholis has been treating auto accident patients in Arizona for more than three decades. We can provide the caring treatment and attention you deserve to help you recover from your painful accident!

Activator Methods are Gentle and Effective

If you are suffering from an auto injury or other condition that causes you great pain, we can get you in for immediate gentle care using our Activator Methods approach to treatment, which is a relatively pain free method of treatment which gently adjusts the spine.

Dr. Doholis spent 11 years as an instructor in Activator Methods, educating other doctors how to use the technique and instrument. On your first visit, you will receive a comprehensive chiropractic exam. From there, we will determine what follow up treatment is necessary. You can schedule all of your chiropractor appointments at your convenience, during our regular treatment times through the week.

When you contact our office after being in an auto accident, you can count on:

      • Effective chiropractic care to treat your urgent case
      • No health insurance required for accident cases
      • No out-of-pocket costs in most cases
      • We bill the “at-fault party”, or your attorney
      • Practice extensively with auto & work injuries

Contact us today at 602-224-5141 to schedule an appointment. When you are in pain, come to Doholis Chiropractic. Remember, Dr. Doholis is always “glad to see your back.”

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