QuoteI was getting migraine headaches so often that I was missing 3 – 4 days of work a month. After going to Dr. Doholis for six weeks my headaches are nearly gone! And, when I do get them they’re so mild I can take aspirin to control them!”

~ Erin B., Phoenix, AZ

QuoteI’ve had pain in my left shoulder for years. As the years passed, the pain had gotten so bad that I could barely move it. After just two weeks of seeing Dr. D, I had a lot more mobility in my shoulder and now three months later, there’s no pain.”

~ Tim J., Phoenix, AZ

QuoteI’ve been seeing Dr. Doholis for years. At first it was to take care of neck pain and headaches. After the pain went away, I continued to see him and noticed that my allergy symptoms were better, and I wasn’t getting sick like I used to every year. Dr. D said that when everything is in alignment, the body is healthier—and, I’m definitely proof!”

~ Tammy J., Phoenix, AZ

QuoteI’m an active 50-year old, and when back pain interfered with my running last year, I went to Dr. Doholis. He used a combination of adjustment and activator treatments to put my pelvis and lower back where they should be—and gave me tips to help me keep running. I’m still running – I just completed my fifth half-marathon!”

~ Lee M., Scottsdale, AZ

QuoteI have stiffness in my back between my shoulder blades, and right wrist from using my computer mouse. I started seeing Dr. Doholis and he’s keeping me pain-free so I can meet my deadlines.”

~ Pat R., Tempe, AZ

QuoteMy mother had a lot of pain and had to use a cane to walk. I took her to Dr. Doholis and he explained that chiropractic treatment could reduce pain by putting her spine and nervous system into alignment. After seeing Dr. Doholis for just a few months, she’s walking without a cane and with less pain!”

~ Janet P., Scottsdale, AZ

QuoteMy son is on his high school’s basketball team. When he went from being a starter to sitting on the bench, we decided to see if chiropractic treatment would help his shoulder stiffness. After just a few weeks seeing Dr. Doholis, my son was making more of his shots and soon was spending more time on the court.”

~ Maggie M., Phoenix, AZ

QuoteOne morning I woke up with such awful back pain, I couldn’t stand up straight. A friend referred me to Dr. Doholis, who saw me that day and was able to reduce my pain right away. We put together a plan and I get regular treatments to keep my spine healthy.”

~ John J., Phoenix, AZ

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