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Dr. Doholis is now practicing at the offices of FUHR CHIROPRACTIC at 3714 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ. 85018. And can be reached at 602.224.5141

      At the Doholis Chiropractic we are committed to serving a variety of patients and conditions.  Over the years Dr. Doholis has specialized in many areas with corresponding training in:

  • General Family Practice - The majority of our practice at Doholis Chiropractic are the everyday ailments and symptoms that people go to a chiropractor for: headaches, neck pain; arm and hand pain, tingling and numbness; upper back pain and pain around the chest / ribs associated with difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath; low back / pelvic pain which results in abdominal / intestinal symptoms; leg and foot pain, tingling or numbness, to name just a few symptoms our patients present with. We see all ages of patients in our office from infants in their first year, to the very senior. It is important for all ages to have their nervous system and spines function at their optimum so you they the highest level of health possible on this journey we call LIFE.

      Browse through all the resources on our site and you will know our center is committed to your spinal health, and remember at Doholis Chiropractic, we are always...


  • Auto Accidents / Personal Injury - From initial evaluation and treatment; to include ongoing in office and home rehabilitation and to the final evaluation that could include Impairment Evaluation if necessary. NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE FOR THIS TYPE OF INJURY / COVERED BY INSURANCE OFTEN AT 100%.

  • Workers Compensation - Evaluation and treatment within State guidelines which also includes rehabilitation.

  • Maintenance Care or Preventative Care -
  • As we mentioned above in the General Family Practice section,  after all types of intensive treatment, whether for recurrent headache you have had for years,  or that auto accident or workers compensation injury,  or that low back pain or sciatica,  we suggest regular 'maintenance' adjustments periodically on an ongoing basis.  Much as you get your teeth checked regularly by your Dentist to stop dental 'cavities'  from developing,  you should see your Chiropractor regularly to maintain the proper function of your spine.  Ask us what an appropriate time frame for adjustments would be for you, as it differs from one person to the next depending upon their underlying strengths and previous injuries or weaknesses in their particular spine.

  • Gentle Chiropractic - Our gentle techniques of Chiropractic care enable us to treat all ages of patients, from the infant, with neck disorder from the birth process, to the very senior patient with osteoporosis. See our page on Gentle Chiropractic for more details.


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