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Don’t let stress, pain and limited motion keep you from enjoying life.

I don’t know whether it’s his spirit, his experience or his knowledge of the human body, but Stephen Doholis has a gift for healing.”
~ Darcy Morrow, patient

In over 30 years of practice, I’ve seen patients who were in such agony that manual adjustments weren’t an option. I’ve successfully treated them with gentle alternatives, like the Activator Methods®, to reduce pain and speed healing.

I am fully committed to improving my patients’ lives with traditional and innovative Chiropractic treatments so they can be free of physical hurt and live life joyfully.

If you want to be free of pain’s restrictions and are looking for a Chiropractor in central Phoenix, please call 602-224-5141 to set up your initial consult.

Neck Pain Relief

Relieving Neck, Back & Head Pain

Headaches, neck and back pain are common patient complaints; about 70% of headaches are due to pinched nerves in the upper neck. 85% of low back pain is due to pinched nerves and inflammation.

Stress, migraines and dehydration are some of the other causes. Different causes respond to different treatments – that’s why it’s important to diagnose the cause of pain.

Physical examinations, x-rays, and targeted questions help diagnose the cause of your pain. If chiropractic won’t help your condition, I will provide a referral to a appropriate specialist. Most of my treatment can help relieve your head, head, and back pain.

After we identify the cause, I will create a treatment plan which may include regular adjustments, massage, or nutritional supplements. Consistent treatments can result in pain that is greatly diminished or that may disappear completely.

Body Pain Relief

Relieving Internal and Body Pain

Symptoms in your stomach, chest, or intestinal spasms may be amenable to chiropractic care.

Visceral pain could be symptoms of serious illnesses, or it could be caused by stress, a spinal misalignment, poor nutrition, or something as simple as an environmental or food allergy. With such a broad range of causes, it’s important to get a thorough evaluation and diagnosis.

After identifying the cause of your condition through an examination, x-rays, and focused questions, or a combination of the three – I can determine how to treat your condition, which may or may not involve partnering with a medical specialist.

If your internal or body pain is caused by a subluxation or misalignment of the spine, regular adjustments will greatly diminish or alleviate your pain over time.

Knee Pian Relief

Relieving Hand, Arm, Leg & Foot Pain

Many individuals with numbness, tingling or stabbing pain in their hands, fingers, feet, arms or legs seek out chiropractic treatment to get relief because the cause may be pinched nerves.

Every nerve leads back to your spine and that’s why a pinched nerve in your neck can result in numbness in your hands, or pinched nerve in your lower back a shooting pain down your leg.

An extremely painful condition is ‘multiple crush syndrome’ which is a partial pinched nerve in the spine and a partial pinched nerve elsewhere – like an elbow or wrist.

After identifying the cause of the pain in your hand, arm, leg, or foot by thorough examination and asking questions about your symptoms, treatment may include spinal adjustments and manipulation of the affected peripheral combined with physical therapy or massage therapy to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

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